The world of eMme


The world of eMme

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The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away.

(Pablo Picasso)

                                                                                       HELP to HELP YOURSELF!

Using art to help people heal.... or at least to feel better!

Bringing light and surprise by any means possible... to broaden the perception of the world and of people with new experiences, whether artistic, sensory or emotional

Art has offered me a special means of communication with people, because through it you can break down unpleasant boundaries and overcome difficult moments.



My experience with Kintsugi!


Arrived so casually (a friend of mine had forwarded me the search for a bodypainter in my city), I hesitated to answer. Then meeting a fellow association (La Voce dei Venti), the photographer Antonella Cilia of Vanilla Images I tell her randomly and I discover that they have put that ad.


She proposes to help her in this event by painting with the gold color something beautiful, on some women and children, who offered to talk about their scars and help other people to overcome the pain hidden in them.

This wonderful collaboration begins of a day in which I speak, discover particular stories... stories that make you suffer but also grow, I discover the strength of these special people... that by making public what they have faced, they try to help others.


I create ideas together with them and Sara De Siena to paint on their bodies, I share some of their important moments and at the end of the day I return home richer and more serene.

Thinking of helping them, I was helped, to overcome a great pain that turned into my golden scar: SENBATZURU.

There I decided that that first moment would become the beginning of my project...


Per aspera ad astra

Using art to reveal Small Gems of Italy.....and of world


In small steps, through social media, radio channels and media or any other possible means.....


I would like to make Italians rediscover first of all, BUT NOT ONLY, small hidden places of Italy, which are Gems: not only for their natural beauty but also for the history and for the ability of the inhabitants themselves to create community.


@Coordinate_umane (instagram)


My first little gem to show, Ala di Stura.

A municipality in the Graian Alps full of peculiarities:

a still indomitable mountain, a painting always evolving and a community that is worth discovering. Referring to the words of Luca Fontana (photographer and mountain landscaper):


"I've traveled the world,

but I discovered that

you can get excited even

close to home"


I collaborated with Maurizio Oggero (@maurizio_oggero) and through @coordinate_umane we took a first step towards this goal.



One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind (cit. Neil Armstrong)





1st Edition of
It was a success!
Stay tuned!


a preview?


Soon my friends, I will publish on


photo streams and videos of this amazing 1st Edition of


And meantime, I thanks again by my grateful hearth...
the Friends who freely and voluntarily helped me 
the Sponsors (who worked behind the scenes!)
the Artists without whom this would not happen
and all the crazy people, who believed in me and in this project especially

Lovely lovely THANK YOU!


Leave your email and stay updated on the news of the site and the world of eMme

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