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The world of eMme

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You use a glass mirror

to see your face;

you use works of art

to see your soul"

(George Bernard Shaw)


EMME - Who is it?

I was created by love and by what tests the soul and strengthens it instead of breaking it.

My signature is also my nickname.... A friend gave it to me, "007", to whom I am very fond.

My story is that of a normal woman... raised in a provincial municipality, I loved to create, draw and paint since I was a child.... then growing up I was asked to choose the school direction, but at that age you are too young to do it, and I chose a different path from art.

I continued to draw anyway, much to the regret of the professors (I did it during the lessons)...

until the judgment of a person I considered an expert clipped my wings as a painter.

After so many years with my husband's push to try... to look forward always and in any case...

I met Sara De Siena, a painter but even more a friend and a unique teacher....

She took my "block" for the blank canvas and with kindness, patience and listening....

it directed him towards this new world.

Through her and her association, La Voce dei Venti, I started exhibiting in the province of Turin, then I met Maria Grazia Todaro and the "Queen Art Studio Gallery" who opened my artistic boundaries far beyond national borders and today I am here to talk about "my art" on the web....







Per aspera ad astra





Using art to help people heal...

or at least to feel better!


Art offered me a special means of communication;

through it you can break down unpleasant boundaries

and overcome difficult moments.







In small steps with every means possible to me

(Art above all) to discover small and

wonderful Gems in the world!



What they say about me

Rossella Oricchio (Journalist and Writer - 2021)


Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain( K. Gibran).

Nature teaches us infinite magic, teaches us to love and survive. We are like trees that strip off in autumn and in spring are covered with precious gems, preserving in themselves all the strength of nature. The latter is a dream that wants to open a bridge with man, with the universe and with universal love. Because where there is love, there is the earth, nature and vice versa. We must feel in harmony with the sky, with the earth and with beauty. Because only in this way you are really saved. You can travel roads, sometimes impervious, but only by raising your eyes to the sky, we will be able to grasp the nuances. And we will realize that life gives infinite possibilities. We fall, we get up but it will always be our soul, our most intimate feeling to act for us. And we will really see that around the corner there was the immense waiting for us. The immense in everything, our immense pain, our immense joy and patience, our immense joy of living. Because only by crossing paths and rapids, we will be able to get to know each other and understand which way to go. And we will feel lights and colors that will come to wake us up. And not the usual lights and colors but our colors, colors that will go into space and time. In that space and time that we will have managed to conquer, because every place in the world is conquered. Crossing rubble, deserts, crossing the pain that sometimes appears as a need, a way to become something other than oneself. To emerge, survive, live. Just follow your instincts and rhythm and observe the natural cycle of things. As happened to the painter Marianna Natalello, a woman who has always listened to herself even and especially in the dark periods of her life, when the colors disappear and you have to go looking for them. Marianna is originally from Venaria Reale in the province of Turin and today lives in Ala di Stura, a town with which she has forged a strong territorial bond. Marianna admits to having grown up through painting, to have long sought and found herself, to have lived between hopes and dreams that have not always been able to be realized. And you walk along different roads and paths and you are born and reborn every time. In fact, Marianna after working as a computer technician for some time, no longer felt in the right place at the right time. And she also felt the need to communicate with herself, with the deepest part, the one from which a flower would be born... A flower from the pain of not being able to become a mother, of not having had those children so desired. And from here a dip in the dark, in the pain and then a rise in the light to see the stars again. Because when you touch the bottom, you can only go up. And pain through art is sublimated, touched, seen and heard better. Marianna stopped and started again from herself.  And so the lucky encounters did the rest, such as the one with the appreciated and well-known painter Sara De Siena who accompanied her not only on the journey through painting but through herself. Only in this way did she manage to know sides of her personality that had remained in the shadows, as if silenced by a language not her own. Only in this way did she understand what a great possibility pictorial art was giving her. An art that does not suffocate pain but that gives it the right connotation because life cannot clip our wings. It's up to us to keep flying. And Marianna today spread her wings through the horizon of her dreams. To give life to another piece of life. And when art calls, you have to follow it. Today Marianna also encouraged by her husband Luca who has always helped her in her life and as an artist, has been a great success with the public. Marianna Natalello has participated in various competitions, her works are around a bit throughout Italy and are still on video display both in Budapest and Paris. What pleases and captures Marianna's personality is her dreamy and enchanted aura like that of a little girl together with her strong sensitivity accompanied by her incredible desire to power and want to live in color.  All in an empathetic, vital, positive way. Marianna Natalello's works are linked to nature, its mystery, its procreative power... Women are like the earth, like mother earth waiting for its bud. Dreamlike landscapes but also objects that have a story to tell are the protagonists of a canvas that knows no space and time. In fact, it is no coincidence that he defines his three-dimensional and sensory painting. Marianna seems to be deeply linked to her experience, even to her scars until they become golden. Today it has been understood, understood, embraced in all its passages and changing moods. Because, as happened for our painter, we will realize that it will be the colors that will save us, the colors in space and time, the colors that we have managed to place in our human dimension. They are those colors that will help us live and that will fill our hearts with beauty, whiteness, wonder. On the other hand, what is life if not a continuous search for oneself and color?

Told between life, passions, dreams...

In my many lives, I have been so many different people, you learn and grow... And as I grew up, I came this far, to painting. You have hopes, dreams... I saw myself evolve. I attended the scientific high school, I dreamed of becoming a doctor but I always loved drawing, I was already very creative... Then I tried the road of university but vicissitudes of life led me to interrupt. So I took a professional course as a model maker and then I became a computer technician for about four years. But I must say that I did not feel satisfied, I did not like this job. And so I opened a shop, then life put me in front of a choice and from here my encounter with painting began... I also owe it to my husband to have supported me in bringing out my potential...

How and when were you kidnapped by your passion for painting?

A happy meeting with my painter friend Sara De Siena introduced me to painting. It was a real therapy through the pictorial art where I painted the pain of not being able to be a mother... I resumed the path of art, so I was reborn, then I participated in a personal specialization course with a special coach, Andrea Frausin, who did me really good. And that's how I tried to make pain become art, beauty, teaching, experience. Mine is an oil painting, then I use acrylics and soft pastel chalks for paintings that fade with my fingers. I also dedicated myself to body-painting and so I was kidnapped by the passion for painting that broadened my horizons and allows me to evolve every time.

How would you define your painting style?

Three-dimensional because it comes out of two-dimensionality and... sensory.

Your source of inspiration?

People, people's expression, everyday emotions, nature, the universe... What I look at comes in a finished picture!

I try to be emotionally balanced through painting, it's an exciting experience!

Subjects and themes you love to deal with?

I depict mostly female subjects but also objects such as a teapot or an Italian flag inspired by the one hundred and fifty years of the settlement of the carabinieri in Chivasso.

Upcoming projects?

These are projects whose purpose is to help with art, enhancing territory and passions. I will participate, for September, in an impromptu painting and photography to enhance Ala di Stura and other places that deserve special attention. Then, in October, perhaps at the Vittorio Sgarbi prize. The selected works will be exhibited at his solo show in Ferrara.

Fingers crossed!

How would you define yourself as a woman and as an artist?

There were those who called me "the lady of colors": I am a positive, proactive, empathetic person, I try to smile also to activate more positive energy in me... As an artist I am emotional, I follow my emotions.

Your favorite color?

Blue is a color that characterizes me and gives me serenity.

Your favorite places?

Ala di Stura and Murano where I held my first national exhibition. Also in Venaria Reale there are my places of the heart, places linked to my childhood and family origins.

San Marino, then, is another place that has remained in my heart since I was a child and that I dream of seeing again.

What would you like to be said about yourself, what imprint would you like to leave?

I would like my artistic passage to be a spark of something beautiful and to have served something!

Life is...

A cup of coffee, strong, bitter, sweet.

Be that as it may, a moment of encounter and consolation...

Your life motto?

Anything can happen!

Mara Campaner (Art Director Associazione Culturale “Sei l’Arte” - Powerful Woman - 2021)
Marianna Natalello is a continuation of the European figurative culture that gave the best of herself in Paris in the first two decades of the last century. At the same time it has been able to preserve its radiance, which accompanies it from one composition to another, where the sense of color is voluptuous. The silent presences of her girls are sweet, where you can see the continuity between ancient and modern, Marianna is a painter in which the style sublimates the real. His themes give the precise sense of the content that is combined with a pictorial work of great rigor. Strongly incisive is the expressiveness of his women, as gently warm is the decorativeness of the landscape and vitalistic the message of its nature.



Maria Grazia Todaro
(Art Critic and Art Director QueenArtStudio Gallery - February 2020)


THE GRACE OF INSPIRATION: We are not spectators of the world around us, no subject is distinct from the outside world... no subject is separable from what is observed in physical reality... we are particles of waves that live and move in it, we are connected and influence each other... all immersed in a continuous, relative and indefinite movement, in which each macro-space contains infinite other micro-spaces, and every stable and unstable equilibrium is renewed indefinitely... It is a cosmic dance of moments and spaces that constantly change and evolve.

On the canvas, often using both sides through colors and materials, Marianna Natalello aka 'Emme' tries to recreate these moments and these spaces and tries to become aware of the infinite possibilities they offer, always involving the movement of the body-mind-spirit as part of her work of art.

She has always felt the need to give life to something new, every day, destined to be a creative soul with a burning passion for art

His intense images, along with his dedication and devotion jump out of the canvas and transport the viewer into a bygone era. His original style, which I would call "Romantic Figuratism", brings a sense of peace and reflection to the modern world.

From memories, literary, artistic and musical references, the artist creates a sincere, magical and curious universe. A universe in which the best moments always find a poetic place. Marianna generously accompanies us through figurative and dreamlike paintings, full of colors. In recent years he has produced social works also with an environmental and ecological theme, between faces and landscapes, but to immediately bring us back to the emotion of the eyes and in his contemplation of the world, giving us creations without any constraint...

Freedom of movement, broad and precise brushstroke, lively and safe as a fight won in advance between the gushing of the drawing and the moment of the signature, unsuspected and delicious of the artist to his work. Her inspirations are drawn from the external but more often internal world, fascinated by both the explosive power and the refined elegance of the female world. For the look that amazes, this combination of strength and lightness has a disarming flavor.

Its main subject is the woman in the portrait or scene of life.... women who are the most mysterious and the most likely to make us dream. Women from all over the world, women symbol of beauty, spirituality, women with an inner gaze, towards some unknown mystery that can also turn out to be facetious, sparkling and tender depending on the canvas. The use of color and different materials, his installations, his 3D compositions allow him to arrive at a gestural work very rich in symbols, touching the chimeric and romanticism.

His dreamlike work transports us beyond appearances. Creating for her is an attempt to access the invisible using the logic of the visible. His goal is to bring the viewer to detach himself from reality, to overturn him in a fantasy world full of inspiration and sometimes humor through a game of transparencies

But where is the boundary of reality? What is the threshold of your imagination, dream and vision?

It is in this state of mind that he would like the viewer to look at his works: in the sharpness of a material worked with great delicacy
His characters appear, they prepose, at the discretion of color.

They go beyond reality, transcend conventional stereotypes, offer a new, unbridled, free and happy vision of life. Whatever the theme, the artist creates a special atmosphere in each canvas.

Perfectionist in his compositions, his work has a pure line, smooth and then fades into nuances from which other patterns are born that give life to a new emotion.

A skilful mix of surrealism, hyperrealism and pop art, with more perspicuity and overlaps.
The image is divided and our gaze is in search of the real model, of what is hidden beyond appearances, beyond the 'mirror' and the colors mix, respond, veil or reveal the image. Strange, unreal, unusual colors for portraits, soft and bright, sharp of any mixture and underlined by the intense black of the look.
Of this result conducted as a battle won in the solitude of the laboratory, the dazzled gaze does not guess anything and the intellect barely presses him.

Grace alone surpasses both.

Mara Campaner (Art Director Associazione Artistica Sei L'Arte -Torino - Artissima period 2019)
In Marianna's works we note a double sensitivity of this artist in "Sassi d'Artista" remains anchored to the traditional pictorial tradition of the early twenties and thirties of the last century, in the second it opens up to current problems embracing the verist problem. His is a voluntary simplicity that seeks an essential expressiveness. At the origin of his works is drawing.
On the canvases it gives contour to the real, smoothing it, smoothing it, with a musical rhythm, pure forms, waiting to be uniformly filled with color. An inner harmony guides the idea of form. The artist pursues the essence more than the existence of things.
For Marianna the very reduction of the world to an elementary system of graphic representation is not something objective, easily ascertainable by each of us in everyday reality, but an interpretative choice.


Gladys (Exhibition "Espressioni d'Autore" - Chivasso 2016)

my first "criticism"



Sometimes you come in and you don't know why.....

then a seagull makes you fly in your dreams and then you understand.....




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